Ancient Greek Mythology Sterling Silver 925 Earrings , Corinthian Order

Product Code: CyEar.003W


Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 0.50 mm
Weight: Approximately 7.30 gr
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Style: Cyrus Collection


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  • Sterling silver 925 earrings
  • Cyrus Collection "Corinthian"
  • Have a look at item's exact dimensions for avoiding size misleads from pictures .
  • "The most ornate of the three main orders of classical Greek architecture, characterized by a slender fluted column having an ornate bell-shaped capital decorated with acanthus leaves.The Corinthian Order takes its name from the city of Corinth in Greece, but appears to have been developed in Athens during the fifth century BC.Together with the Doric and Ionic Orders, it is one of the three Classical Orders of Architecture."
  • This item comes with full certification as to its quality and size.
  • Presented in a FREE beautifully lined wooden pouch


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