Ancient Greece Drama Comedy Masks Sterling Silver 925 Dangling Earrings

Product Code: CyEar.004W


Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 0.50 mm
Weight: Approximately 7.30 gr
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Style: Cyrus Collection


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  • Sterling silver 925 earrings
  • Cyrus Collection "The Mask"
  • Have a look at item's exact dimensions for avoiding size misleads from pictures .
  • "Greek masks continue to hold our fascination. So much of the history of modern theater has its roots in ancient Greece and much of Greek theater is associated with these masks. Twenty-five hundred years ago, two thousand years before Shakespeare, Western theatre was born in Athens, Greece. Between 600 and 200 BC, the ancient Athenians created a theatre.The two masks are the symbols for THEATRE. They are the comedy and tragedy masks that were worn in ancient Greece during the golden age.Plays were performed outdoors, in daylight, before audiences of 10,000 or more at festivals in honor of Dionysus..Masks played an important role in Greek drama. They gave the actors the ability to easily play more than one character in succession with a simple change of mask."
  • This item comes with full certification as to its quality and size.
  • Presented in a FREE beautifully lined wooden box




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